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't have to be from marin county, they've opened up the residents from sampras is go, sun, or contra costa counties. you do need to show proof you live in one of these four counties. >> news and the eyes of this morning revealed the pilot of the old oriole tanker that struck a tower of the bay bridge last week's which courses as he was approaching the bridge. just why 61 year-old pilot guy kleess changed course as the overseas right at near the bridge in january 7th is still unclear. also contributed to the accident were thickening fog, a fall to begin and dangerous currents. according to investigators, please add light of the tanker the past of the middle of the bridge between the c and d. towers at the last minute tried to switch the opening between the d and e towers ultimately hitting the e tower. a full investigation could take months to wrap up. kleess is a former exxon and oil tanker captain who has 1200 trips on the bay with large ships. >> said index futures point to a slightly lower opening on wall street this morning. dell shares rose 13% during the trading day yesterday on repo
on fire and the baby district of sampras's go. police a 22 year-old dexter caliber and a victim were dating. the victim is being treated in the burn center at st. francis hospital. witnesses tell the sampras as the police said they heard a woman screaming on hollister avenue between third and jennings yesterday after numb. police say oliver approached her, through flammable liquid over her, and then set her body on fire. it's possible that after words our walk down the street and boarded a light rail train. investigators not releasing will lead to the confrontation and many in the neighborhood are shocked this happen. >> it is awful. the words that i have my heart, being a pastor i will not save them. i am so glad we can see a difference. gun violence is one thing but setting someone on fire is and other mayhem. >> police the next hour is about five san that weighs 155 lbs.. he was last seen wearing a red light and heavy, dark pajama pants with multicolor sam ride for it with gray and red nike tennis shoes. he also has a unique year cut with a fist card out on one side of his hair an
having any impact on our in visibility sampras's go i 47, 42 oakland, low 40's and oak. future cast force a a.m. mostly widespread 40's. by lunch, 12:00 p.m. we are talking all of the light blue which indicates a good mixing of '50s. after nine highs will provide a few low 60s and we will cool it backed up by 8:00 p.m. tonight. at '50s are around the heart of the bay and '40's around your inland spots. satellite and radar shows high pressure is really tried to build back and here in the bay area. string of days. and has a very dry for the month and lookee your rainfall totals for january. we are below and answer for all locations and in fact most places grow and finance. looking at the rainfall deficit for the month we are about 5 in. behind where we should be for this time of month for santa rosa. december was very wet so we're still at about 100 percent of the average for the season. we will continue with the dry stretch of whether for the next several days. sunny warmer conditions in mid to upper 60s. more clouds of the forecast but temperatures are still on the warmer side as we trans
sampras down a defense shut out wisconsin in the second half for the 20-14 victory in the 99th rose bowl last night. >> for secondary coach david shaw, the teen from a was just what for the pac 12 champion cardinals it is their first rose bowl since 1972. >> the bay area air quality management is recalled another spare the air day today. bad weather predictions are to blame. >> it is illegal to burn wood inside or outside, manufactured firelocks, and any other solid fuel. >> yesterday mark the first spare their day of the new year. the winter spent their day season runs from november 1st until february 28th. >> we have frost advisories in effect, freeze warnings in effect. erica will break it down for you. >> the key is to dress in layers this morning. it is chilly weather. we could actually deal with the coldest morning of the season thus far. the numbers show we have quite a few locations dropping to the uppe fairfield, napa, santa rosa out the door. the this and not your morning lows. temperatures will continue to drop as we approach sunrise. we was in mid '30's for oakland hayward. 3
hook elementary. >> a rash of robberies and muggings in sampras's coach burn all heights neighborhood has residents on edge. many of these items crimes are happening in broad daylight. the last as that happened last thursday were a man was attacked from behind and slammed against a fence. luckily the vigil was able to fight off his attacker. sampras is the police captain jim family says three suspects were arrested for a separate robbery tuesday night. a family in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose is being targeted by an arsonist. the front door that led ave hong was doused with some type of flammable liquid and set on fire. no was hurt in the fire did little damage. tuesday one of the family cars was splattered with yellow paint and its tires were slashed. police asking neighbors to help identify the caller before someone gets hurt. the family says they intend to install a video surveillance system. the victims are hoping their relatively common last name may mean it's a case of mistaken identity. >> at the kron4 news to dr. phil all. today and tomorrow he is the man behind th
luther king day holiday. >> sampras's go police say that a standoff at an apartment in the city's richmond district has ended peacefully with a man believed to be armed with a gun surrendering to officers. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. police say that the standoff started around 3:30 p.m. tuesday afternoon when officers went to the apartment after receiving reports that a man had fired a weapon inside of his apartment complex. the police department's tactical unit and hostage negotiators were called to the scene after officers heard yelling from the inside of the man's apartment. the man surrendered a short time later. >> san francisco police have named a suspect who allegedly killed a woman's dog during a robbery in the tenderloin area. police said that this man 35 your old laurice barrett is suspected of stealing money from a laurice barrett is suspected of stealing money from a womandroid dna augmentation initiated. vision expanding to a 5-inch 1080p hd display and camera. touch acquiring nfc. hearing evolving with beats audio. wireless chargi
see the dog record, care of the gateway bank on climate street in san francisco. >> sampras as the judge has rejected a request from two americchinese-american groups to a halt california's ban on selling and possessing shark fins. the bad as that in effect for about a year. the group claims it violates their civil-rights by targeting a food item used in traditional weddings and festivals. california's shark fin soup market was once the largest outside asia. critics of starting say about 7 3 million starts are killed every year. the practice is restricted in u.s. waters. we will be right back. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon...creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am? [ female announcer ] find progresso light for a great price today at your local safeway store. world news this morning to u
. sampras is the giant clothes are brian wilson who missed last season with his second album surgery worked out privately for the new york mets. wilson had 36 saves for the giants at in 2011 is a free agent and it is not clear at the giants worked out a deal with the bearded one. after sergio romo stepped into the clothes are a whole during the world series. 645 a m and this standards as the 49ers are going to take on the atlanta falcons. kickoff is at noon. the winner will go to the super bowl and we will talk abouto gary radnich about collin kaepernick. i am eyes as a the joe biden will meet with members of the house of representatives today to discuss ways to curb gun violence. it expected to give president obama recommendations for the legislation tomorrow. the nra says it has enough support in congress to block a ban on assault wall weapons. >> the dow was that a floating around right now we're off to points. rob black joining us now and we were just talking about the auto show. american cars are really nice again and winning awards. >> i think american companies said we have to focus
. >> sampras is no police said name the man arrested in tuesday's crash that killed two people and injured two others. police a 19 year-old david morale was is a convicted felon was an active gang member. he's facing murder and attempted murder charges. he is accused of causing a crash as he fled from police after a traffic stop. police say he fit the description of a man with fired at three people at housing projects. they use that often presage a white toyota which hit and killed a pedestrian before slamming into a liquor store at 21st installed van ness. a 29 year old woman who was a passenger in the toyota was killed. the 80 passenger at 800 driver was badly injured. the other person killed as been identified as 26 year old francisco gutierrez was from honduras and worked in construction. >> san jose police have named a suspect in monday's shooting death. they say luis hernandez shot and killed 36 year-old christopher sorry i know. the 26 year-old suspect under arrest. >> police are looking for a suspect who fatally stabbed a man and sampras as the baby district early and year's day, the f
will meet to discuss ways to save sampras's goes city college. the school is on the brink of shutting down. that is because the accreditation commission found numerous violations with the college structures and finances. census that met yesterday to talk about the issue the members of the community are anxious about what could happen next. >> if there is a real need to have to be able to show a perception that we are unified and that we really want to save our college. it is not a good option for us to be absorbed by another district. we need to maintain control of our college and awaited do that is with jewels solidarity. >> and the school which serves about 85,000 students has until march to turn itself around. >> we have a water break in greenbrae and it's going to >> we have a water break in greenbrae and it's going to cause a bit of a problem. for the new mattress models but sleep train's huge year end clearance >> we have a water break in greenbrae and it's going to cause a is ending soon.m. for a short time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly-recommended b
and you bay area. santa rosa 60 degrees, that the nine sampras's go. satellite and radar shall the moisture is added east to the lake tahoe area or its south land. another system is dropping down from the gulf of alaska. it should stick to our north but there is some moisture associated with it. we did see some light rain and scattered showers from saturday into sunday. temperatures will dive and the warmest spots in the area will only client and to be mathe low 50s. tuesday wednesday and thursday to dry and sunny conditions and temperatures are a little warmer. we have big trade is to talk about your extended forecast. and ludlow's dropping to the mid 30's covering just above the freezing mark. bundle up, it will feel like winter once again overnight hours. >> regina had never raced in on it accident reported in san leandro. first there bridges at the toll plaza at the bay bridge and metering lights and just activated as we start to see a back up to the westbound ride. we are still and delivery on the upper deck of the bridge. the san mateo bridge ride no problems, as moves co
sampras as go 49ers cornerback chris, oves culliver fallen some anti-gay comments. we will have his reaction to his remarks coming up. >> this incident has been blocking lanes of the bayshore freeway a truck traveling no. 1 01 has the export stress way interchange. the driver claimed he was cut off like a car and hit the guard rail and as a result ruptured one of his fuel tanks. we have debris in the roadway as well as a fuel spill. caltrans has the to right- hand lanes set down. this is the location of the problem is right at the lawrence expressway. it is adding about five to six minutes on your drive time when no one northbound on the 280 interchange at north toward highway 237. >> turning their attention to the weather we have locally didst fog and napa. the rest of the bay area waking up to relatively clear skies. temperatures in the of brothers and 40¢ to the afternoon. currently 34 it santa rosa, i look a year afternoon highs and talk about your we can forecast to my next report. >> the media blitz continues in the orleans off with our super bowl coverage. you can follow alo
bowl to make sure that the celebration was they say it perry ed sampras's go police are gearing up for what it will hold will be is a celebration, if the 49ers when it all. you remember the scene back in october after the giants won the world series. a scorched muni bus, a vandalism in the mission district, and dozens of arrests. police said they are not going to let that happen again. >> be sure to stay with kron 4 as we follow the 49ers to the super bowl in new orleans. our web site as well as our facebook and twitter fees. >> still ahead on kron 4 morning news. twitter and dealt a new video sharing feature. we will explain it next. >> the san jose sharks back on home ice, and they he did not disappoint. we will break down their come-from- behind win coming up. >> welcome back. >> switzer has launched a new video service. vine allows users to share a brief video clips on their feet. users a sim looping videos less in a long as six seconds, then share them on twitter and facebook. if users can also search for videos and vine based on certain past hacks or subject spirit it is av
are days away from the super bowl and sampras is go 49ers fans young and old have been sending in thousands of and opposed to us. send in your pictures to breaking news at crime that, and we will be showing them on the air throughout the coming days as we get ready for the super bowl. >> (indesticnt chatter) we does need to play our game and we do a good job overall getting to the quarterback. we do not need to go outside of our element or do anything we do not do. we disney to be consistent and do what we do really good. we played against a lot of good quarterbacks. we did have to do we do well. we have to be consistent with that of orders all four quarters together. the men's store, we know what our goal is and that is to win a game. we came to win a game so we haul that same thought in mind. we have common goal in mind. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched
if you remember the great u.s. open encounter between pete sampras and andre auga agassi from 2001. that is what seems to be happening here this evening. it was always going to be a great encounter, as you said. people billing it as the great rivalry that we're going to see for years to come in tennis. and the two players are slugging it out. blow for blow. the most fantastic rallies that we're seeing here. the majority of the break points in the first set and couldn't convert any of them. it went to a tiebreak and andy murray took that 7-6 and then the second set. that one blow for blow. neither could break down the other serve. djokovic won that one. andy murray had a bit of a medical time-out and took his shoe off and suffering from serious blisters. it's been really hot here over the last couple of weeks and the courts here are very hard. a little bit of a concern for andy murray fans. if you go back to the u.s. open final that one went the distance, over five hours and that seems to be what is going to happen today. what's at stake, what is djokovic looking for a third straigh
franciscthey want to show tn that is sampras's go wins we are a world-class city and we know how to celebrate. this symbol is not here but we are getting into that mood. here is a grand auditorium and use of city hall not live up but this time. >> closing arguments will be held today in the retrial of former stanford cisco police crime lab technician accused of taking cocaine from of the facility. deborah madison previously admitted to taking small amounts of drugs built from evidence in 2009. her first trial ended in hung jury last fall. her alleged death from the labs of drug analysis unit led to the eventual closure of the facility. it also forced prosecutors to dismiss hundreds of criminal cases. this morning a man faces charges for allegedly grabbing a victim and stealing his car in san leandro. it happened saturday night on bristol ave. police say the suspect armed with a compact machine gun approach the victim at gunpoint. the suspects all victims cellphone in cash and car before driving off. the victims as the suspect was with another person driving a honda accord. police later locate
across the sky last thursday morning? the streak was seen from reno to sampras's go before dawn on thursday. the light was a small, that turn to dust and gas when they hit earth's atmosphere. the american media society receive reports from around 50 people in california and nevada who saw the comet. no pieces of the comet fell to earth. >> and the company it says is getting ready to mine asteroid in space. deep space industries says it aims to begin sending unmanned scout probes to ask rates as soon as 2015. larger spacecraft it will bring back 50 to 100 out samples from prospective targets could be blasting off by 2016. the company wants to travel about 31 million mi. into space to my answer is for metals, water and other compounds that could be used to manufacture fuel is about power spacecraft. it helps its is first of unmanned probes into space by the end of 2013. we'll be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. >> we will talk about the inauguration. first the on and how the lip sync. we have of your time is coming up as a kron4 morning news continues. a live look f
they have a hundred and 43 officers patrolling sampras's go. this coming sunday up until monday they will have triple that amount. >> i like with the world series, the city will not have a big screen where everyone can gather and watch the game together right? >> now. they will not allow people to congregate to long, especially at city hall. a lot of people enjoy coming down here watching the world series on the jumbo trine but things and get in a little stricter about that because of licensing. they're not allowing their game to be shown on the jumbo drawn here. >> keeping the players focused on the game and out of the trouble will be a priority for the coaches. >> we will have rules. >> that comes to making sure players all the rules and doral and that is all 49ers coach jim harbaugh had to say. in case you blank here it is again >> yet we will have a schedule and rules. >> if you think players have not got in trouble during super bowl week, think again. former raiders and player barrett rabin's the night before 97 went on a drinking binge in tijuana mexico. when he was found
to 200 lbs.. >> the sampras's go police department releases the sketch of a man who attacked a woman in the mission district. this is a sketch of the suspect who attempted to sexually assault a 31 year-old woman back on january the sixth. just before 3 in the morning, the woman was walking down 23rd street towards church, when a man lunged at her and grab her head and threw her to the ground. he is described as an asian or hispanic male, 25 years of age, with a buzz haircuts and slight beard growth. to >> a routine traffic stop and santa rosa lee's to the arrest of a sex offender with knives and pot. chp officers stopped a pickup with a broken taillight on santa rosa ave. after the man gave false names, police were able to determine that day had stopped a robert mcdowell. which is a confected set sex offender, he felt to register, who was driving with a suspended license. police also fall the several large knives and a half pound of marijuana. the offender is in possession of the knives and marijuana. mcdowell was already in 8 people were killed and 38 homes were destroyed in the sep
to of the saw rome ballot will in some in sampras's go have been pleased to find a new inhabitants of those old polls. a river our common name " cilantro sam " has been living in the large pool of the best for a few weeks. he is being drawn. a hast of oil in spirit river otters haven't been seen in the area for several decades. and while most wild animals are shy, " sutro sam " seems to enjoy the attention. animal experts say that he seems to be doing just fine. >> them a cat has been reunited with his owners after going missing, a 90 melt siamese cat, and had gone missing from its owners, lease the gerson and ashley lowenbrub, 8 and a half years ago and it sausalito. one of gerson andlowengrub's daughters was holding bundle up and he jumped out of her arms and ran off. in early december, the shelter had been called to a home in the noe vallate to take bonilla after his new owner had been hospitalized with dementia. windmill was brought back to the shelter, an animal control officer is a microchip and but mill as a back to find his own. but bonilla is now back with his owners and southern calif
.. >> and here's a live look outside at our roof cam. sampras's go attempts are low. we'll be right back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> welcome back. in nationals, families of the victims of the old road movie theater shooting are organizing a protest of the theaters on january 17th we opening. the families were all personally invited to the theater's opening, but do not approve of it. also, the preliminary hearing for the suspect and the shooting has been set for monday. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others
.m.. >> crimes against women has fueled a community rally in sampras's go mission district friday. it comes after an atteattempted rape earlier this week. a man put his hand over a woman's mouth and tried to slam her head onto the concrete. she was able to break free and started screaming. the suspect is still at large. kron force alecia reid has more on what precautions the neighborhood is taken to prevent future incidents. >> some of these women are threatened, injured, and some of them end up dead. >> it is an epidemic and we need to call it an epidemic. women are reporting rape a lot and there are a lot more rapes that are happening that are not even reported. >> since is the recent attack. there has been solved the since class as in the bay area. >> in response to this we have added two new free class as an january on the 18th and 20th. th >> and we use an instructor that has a padded salon so still muslim always feels like and to hit full force. is something like this were happening you do not need to think about what you should do you would just know what to do. >> if they're passing out f
-threatening injuries after she was hit by car in sampras's go last night. the collision was reported after eight on pine street near stockton. the girl, who is visiting the city with her family, was struck by a white subaru. if she was taken to san francisco general hospital. the collision is under investigation. >> pg&e crews are working to repair a gas leak in a brentwood neighborhood. the leak was first reported in the 2700 block of st. andrews drive just before 430 friday afternoon. eight homes were evacuated as a precaution while pg&e workers shut off gas service in the area. if 10 customers were without gas service while repairs were under way. if pg&e expects to finish the repairs by today. ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories
they are born to pay you for your weapons. >> the sampras's go 49ers are getting ready to head to new orleans for the big game. we will take you to the practice facility to see how the team is shaping up. >> taking a look at the visibility. we are under a mile in novato. it is really dense fog and the east bay. you might want to give yourself extra time if you are heading out. >> it is 46 degrees currently in santa rosa. it is low 50's andwe do have a colt that is approaching us. this may bring us some spotty showers. we do not have any 60's on the board. it will be in mainly upper 50s. your full forecast is coming up. >> even after being shot in leg and successfully capture him and bring him into custody. >> a developing story out of oakland this morning after an officer is hospitalized in stable condition this morning after he was shot last night. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. the shooting happened friday evening at 49 and east 12th street. that is in east oakland. >> here is a look at the scene from the ground. police say that two officers were responding t
notification when someone in sampras's go by as 500 of ammunition or more. this includes online purses it purchases. it will take several steps to make these two changes into law. >> and polls suggest that nearly 60 percent of americans wants stricter gun laws following last month's deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary. a 4 percent answered as the associated press and g f cable one background checks for gun purchases at gun shows. >> there was a larger the expected turnout at the marin county gun buyback program. hundreds of firearms are collected during the event. people walked away with up to $200 per guns, no questions asked. and as two hours the county ran through the $43,000 it had raised for the bat. after running out of cash that county had out vouchers to those of the unwanted as voluntary give away their guns. the district attorney says he will try and raise the money needed to pay people back in the next 30 days. they also planned to hand out more doctors and other gun buyback yvette which is planned for the martin luther king day holiday. the final numbers a total of 827
to the morning. it is: should get into it though. sampras as those guys are clear and not bad thursday, we will be right back. [ womanom ] thi tis mis this iss my tey i feelfe more orinspirsp. . more preositivit [ male alennouncou ] o ]y liyn on adds fre fsh-pre-ped ted les to its itnew grw t tat ing inen drink nnkew lip ln and you y'll bel urprured ed how gre gat you ♪♪ ♪ donuts?ts ♪ you'yore cut c [ do[ or clo cs ]s [ femalema announner ]er new spw ecial iaprotprn cen l helps lpkeep yepou ful fr lorr willpowepor. what watill yol u gainga when yenou los l [ traftrfic soc unds ]ds ♪♪ ♪ help slpatisfyis your hurunger gengerng withwi the shecialci protprein lin . willpowepor. what wil wl you yoin in when you y lose?os new details this morning from officials and algeria 20 hostages including americans have escaped their captors. this comes after those bit of or taken hostage during an attack by islamist buyers. at least to people have been killed and six others injured in the group targeted a bus carrying passengers from a base at the british owned gas field to an
and downtown sampras's go. 42 degrees in oakland, upper 30's. hall and the pretty chilly temperatures and concord. 7 day around the bay forecast coming up in my next report. 937 a m. we will take a quick break and we'll be right back, stay with us. ♪ ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >> is sambar's as the 49ers are gearing up for this weekend's big match up. tickets go on sale in just 20 minutes and jackie sissel is live in candlestick park. >> and six days the san francisco 49ers will host their second divisional playoff game and two years. tickets for that game go on sale and 20 minutes. you'll have to go to ticketmaster and go on sale at 10:00 a.m.. it is unclear how many tickets will be released. the 49ers have a huge it season-ticket base. there probably will not
with a crash in sampras's go this morning. it happened at fifth and townsend. the driver crashed into a power pole in has wiped out power to about a hundred people in the area. pg&e is on the same working to restore the power. >> the search continues this morning for the 19 year-old that meant missing from petaluma. the fbi is also joining in the search today. deputies on offering a $1,000 reward in the search for her. if she was reported missing on new year's day after she went to an electronic music festival in south lake tahoe for new year's eve. >> giants pitcher and sergio romo got into an argument with tea as a officers at lost mrs. met karen international airport on new year's day. sources say that when nomo became " angry and aggressive " with a security worker on tuesday morning. the 29 year-old was handcuffed and temporarily detained by police. >> let's take a look at the numbers. it was a cool start for the morning. it was 34 degrees out the door in livermore. downtown san francisco was in the mid 40's. it was up a 30's for san jose. we do have some patchy fog forming. this will st
valleys and the entire is sampras as the bay area. this goes into effect today and tomorrow morning and expire are around eight. look forward to icy windshields and a lot of frost developing overnight. black eyes for me is a possibility so keep that in mind. 7 day around the bay forecasts of cold weather ahead of us. the morning, mid to upper 20s for the next several days. the unsettled weather continues into the weekend with a chance for showers. starting the next work week we are talking clear skies and a little warmer temperatures. >> bart police discover a man's home in richmond filled with stolen bikes from all over the bay area. >> police say they discovered of the richmond, 57 year-old market to more. these are pictures of the bar police just after are arresting him. investigators say was as craigslist at that he posted that led them to his front door. according to investigators one of the victims as of the craigslist at and realize the the item for sale was his bike. a bike that just so happen to be stolen from his home in san francisco three months ago. the victim reach out
the offender and they sampras's go bay. caltrans says the damage may be as much as two to $3 million and may take them up to four and a half months to actually fixed the offender. the san there did its job. that is the good news. it will have to be replaced with recycled plastic and steel. it will cost somewhere between two to $3 million. caltrans says they will foot the bill for now the plan is to be reimbursed by the shipping company. the owner of the shipping company that all of the overseas real are will be in the waters for quite awhile. >> as he said, crews are out on the fire tower right now. >> police are asking for your help to identify man who by let to robbing and north bay business this past weekend. this surveillance of the attack. police there around 7 saturday evening a man with a gun brought this up a cellphone and check cashing business and san rafael. investigators say he fired at least one shot at store employees to read into the back room with a bullet proof door. at that point the suspect ran off. >> we will take a break, and be back with more headlines in just a moment.
no. 5 at livermore, no. 6 willow braglynn no. 9 of the mission. >> sampras is go city leaders are already making plans for super bowl sunday. what they don't want is a repeat of the chaos that occurred in some neighborhoods after the giants won the world series. mayor ed lee says law enforcement leaders are meeting with the department of emergency management about how to keep post-game crowd under control. he also says the nfl has turned down a request to broadcast the game from a jumbles ron something be done in the past during other big games. mehserle has also not decided whether not to had to ignore lance to see the team in person. he said the team has been doing so well without him in the past that he does not want to jinx it. >> the mayor jerry brown is set to deliver the state of the state address in just a few more minutes and we will have coverage when the kron4 news continues. for the new mattress models, but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on
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